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3 Terminal Post OfficePost Office

3 Terminal Post Office

Business ID 1237

Top Performing 3 Terminal Post office that performs the full range of Post Offices services including Passports, Comprehensive range of I D Services, working with children, ...... more

All Agencys - Post Office, Newsagency, LotteriesNewsagency/Post Office

All Agencys - Post Office, Newsagency, Lotteries

Business ID 1206

Recession Proof and Essential service business. Has a Post Office / Newsagency / Lotteries. 3 Business in one location. Commission for Australia Post services approx 170,000 p/a Lotterywest ...... more

Easy to run Licensed Post OfficePost Office

Easy to run Licensed Post Office

Business ID 1239

Easy to run 2 terminal post office. Cheap rental and good lease terms. Australia Post Comission of $230,000 P/a Increase in the number of people living in the area ...... more

Post Office/Newsagency

Newsagency/Lotteries/Post Office

Business ID 1159

Neighbourhood shopping centre90 Po Box with approx 65 leased. Free spending area. IGA & Other speciality shops High density in-filling of suburbs  Tower computer system  Same owners 12 years  Rent of $2270 ...... more

Licensed Post OfficePost Office

Licensed Post Office

Business ID 1210

3 Terminal post office. Easy to operate. Opposite Coles supermarket Neighborhood shopping centre Strong bill paying services Well presented shop 504 PO Boxes, 80% leased Gift lines doing well. Good lease and ...... more

Great community post office with newsagencyNewsagency/Post Office

Great community post office with newsagency

Business ID 1145

Excellent community shopping centre Loyal client base Free spending area. Fully computerised Tower System All services, including Newsagency/Post Office and Lotteries 217 Po Boxes leased out. Opportunity to expand. Ideal Husband and wife ...... more

Newsagent with Lotteries and PostNewsagency/Post Office

Newsagent with Lotteries and Post

Business ID 1204

This fantastic business is located in a busy community shopping centre. Highly sought after business including Australia Post, Newsagency and Lotteries. Fully computerised Tower system. Regular and loyal customer ...... more

Great Licensed Post OfficePost Office

Great Licensed Post Office

Business ID 1236

Excellent business located in a modern shopping centre Large 78sqm shop. Very well presented shop. Good income stream from PO Box rental. 449 Po Boxed with 92% leased. Regular Cliental Larger regional ...... more

Post Office/Newsagency

Newsagency/Lotteries/Post Office

Business ID 1177

Large 284sqm shop. Located on busy street. 360 PO BOXES Fully computerised point of sale system 1 Lotto Terminal, 2 Post office terminal. Very well presented shop. Excellent plant and equipment value. Note ...... more

Post Office

East to operate Post Office

Business ID 1059

Easy to run post office.Requires 1 1/2 person to run,One of the safest business you can own.Very well established post office with good loyal customer5 1/2 ...... more

Same owners for 21 yearsPost Office/Newsagency

Same owners for 21 years

Business ID 1230

this business must be making money  if the same same owners has run it for the last 21 years. Has all agencies, Lotteries, Post Office and News ...... more

Easy one person operation post officePost Office

Easy one person operation post office

Business ID 1234

Easy one and 1/2 person operation. 5 1/2 days a week only business. Very well presented shop. Shop size of 71sqm. Free spending high disposable income area Strong Drycleaning and ...... more

Postoffice / Giftware / Optional Freehold Post Office

Postoffice / Giftware / Optional Freehold

Business ID 1224

This post office has been in this location for the last 100 years. Ideally suited for one person, with part time staff as required. Located in the shire ...... more

5 Days Post OfficePost Office

5 Days Post Office

Business ID 1046

5 days only business. 160 PO Boxes, Easy 1 to 1 1/2 person operations. Potential for increase in business Opportunity to relocate Professional medical centre. ...... more